Monthly Archives: November 2010

Zach McDonald: Cyclocross, Mountain Bikes, and the Future of his Sport

Photo by Wil Matthews. Source: Rapha Focus.

Zach McDonald is a cyclocross phenom. The 19-year-old from Bainbridge Island, WA has only been racing for a few years, but already has two national titles, has podiumed at a world cup in Europe, and is racing as a professional for the new Rapha Focus team. I talked to Zach about balancing the demands of life, school, and professional-level racing and his experiences racing in Europe and America.

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Kent Peterson: Issaquah’s Favorite Car-Free, Ultra Long-Distance Racing, Techie-Turned Mechanic

Photo via

Kent Peterson gave up a comfortable tech career to pursue bike advocacy and shop work; he and his family have lived car-free for over two decades; he’s written his popular blog for over five years focusing on D.I.Y. mechanics, advocacy, and adventure; he’s an accomplished long-distance cyclist and tourist; and he once held the single speed record for the 2,000+ mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Race. In short, he’s an interesting guy. I spoke with Kent about the state of advocacy, what it is to live car-free in America, attempting to recapture his Tour Divide record, and beating Ira Ryan in an underground race from San Francisco to Portland.

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Craig Etheridge: A World Champ Talks Messengers and SS Cyclocross

Craig in his basement bikeshop, Tommy’s.

Seattle bike messenger Craig Etheridge may very well be the nicest guy to ever sit atop a bicycle. He’ll also tear your legs off in a race while simultaneously encouraging you to ride harder and laughing with heckling spectators. Craig is the reigning Cycle Messenger World Champion, made a run at the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship podium, and routinely tears it up at local cyclocross and mountain bike races. I sat down with Craig in his basement bike shop (inexplicably named Tommy’s bike shop) to talk about the world championships, career messengering, and the growth of single speed cyclocross.

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Stevil Kinevil: Bikes, Booze, and the Art of Heckling

Photo by Forrest Arakawa. All images courtesy of Stevil Kinevil.

I’m excited to kick off The Bicycle Story with All Hail The Black Market’s Stevil Kinevil, an industry insider, racer, professional artist, wild man, and, in his own way, outspoken advocate. I first came across Stevil when he was working at Swobo and writing How To Avoid The Bummer Life, a regular journal dedicated to bikes, beer, mustachioed men, art, music, and everything in between. Stevil went rogue a little over a year ago and started his own venture with All Hail The Black Market. AHTBM continues the Bummer Life tradition documenting cycling culture at large, Budweiser, bacon, fine art, and most importantly the riding and racing exploits of Stevil and his friends.

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