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Thank You For Helping Fight ALS!

Finish line shot.

Seriously. Thank you to all the wonderful people that were generous and kind and donated their time, energy, money, and product to this fundraiser. Friends, Family, kindhearted Internet strangers, Portland Design Works, and Nuun all came together and in the end, the raffle helped raise $600! That $600 was part of the nearly $1,700 our team raised, which in turn contributed to the $97,000 (and counting) that the ALS DoubleDay ride raised in total.

In short, good people came together to help make a positive difference. As I said in the previous post, the money raised by this event helps fund ALS research and helps fund the ALS Association’s community support program, which provides assistance for people with ALS and their families.

Becky riding on day 1.

I believe the term for this is “wicked pastoral.”

The event itself was fantastic. The riding in Washington’s Skagit Valley is absolutely gorgeous. The DoubleDay routes take you through beautiful farmland, forests, and lakes. The snow-capped peaks of the North Cascades are visible at nearly every turn.

The routes are not really geared towards cyclists. 45 miles on the first day and 40 the second don’t make for an “epic” ride report, but that’s far from the point. It’s hard to beat two days of riding in amazing landscapes, in the sunshine (a rarity for us in the PNW these days), with good people, raising money for a good cause.

Once again, Portland Design Works and Nuun deserve a big round of applause. They didn’t hesitate to support the cause with prize donations. Next time you’re in the market for tools, lights, and accessories, think PDW. Next time you’re getting prepping for a big ride, skip the crappy sports drink and get the good stuff from Nuun.

And again, the readers and supporters who came out of the woodwork and gave so generous deserve a huge round of applause as well. I’m absolutely thrilled by everyone’s generosity.

Thank you,


Brian Vernor: Santa Cruz’s Adventurous Filmmaking, Photo Taking, Native Son

Brian at the Tour d’ Afrique, the subject of his film Where Are You Go? Photo from Good Problem.

Brian Vernor has a cool thing going for himself. The fourth-generation Santa Cruz, CA resident is a photographer, filmmaker, and adventurer who travels the world using his cameras to tell stories (and very frequently, ones about bikes). Sometimes it’s companies like Rapha or Jamis who send him off on a job. Other times its for his own projects like The Cyclocross Meeting and Where Are You Go, films that he shot in Japan and across Africa respectively. I spoke to Brian about his start as a filmmaker and photographer, his love for cyclocross, his adventure on a “rail bike,” the subjects currently catching his eye, and more.

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Weekend Inspiration

If it’s just not inspiring enough to watch Voeckler, Contador, and the Schleck’s punish themselves up French mountainsides, this list should help. Cycling Tips put together a list of 9 cycling legends everyone should know. It’s an excellent list of the hard men of yesteryear. The recounting of their feats is guaranteed to inspire (as well as make you feel like a giant softy).

Help Fight ALS, Win Prizes from Portland Design Works and Nuun

The Raffle is officially over. Thanks so very much to everyone who donated and thanks again to PDW and Nuun for their support! Follow up post coming shortly.

You can win this awesome stuff!

I don’t usually write about personal stuff on this site, but for the next couple weeks I’m going to use this pulpit to raise money for a good cause.  In exchange for helping out with the cause, I’ve got seven awesome prizes that you can win from Portland Design Works and Nuun!

The Story

On July 23-24, my girlfriend Becky and I will be participating in the ALS Double Day ride in Washington’s Skagit Valley. The two-day ride raises money for the Evergreen chapter of the ALS Association and helps fund ALS research and the community-support program the ALS Association does for ALS patients and their families. Though it’s a worthy cause for anyone to support, it’s particularly important to me and Becky. When Becky was 8, her father passed away after a hard fight with ALS.

ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a horrible degenerative nerve disease that often leaves those affected by it wheelchair bound and eventually unable to care for themselves as it progresses. There is currently no cure.

But you can help.

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Seattle’s Busty Bike Lane Babe

Someone in Seattle took it upon themselves to add a little personal flair to a bike lane marking recently. I saw this stencil modification while riding up the south-bound side of Dexter Ave N near Fremont. Clearly they’re trying to even out bicycling’s gender gap. Male bicycle road markings DO outnumber female bicycle road markings by thousands, perhaps even millions worldwide.