Bikepacking the Wilds of Canada

Last summer, professional mountain biker Matt Hunter took a small backpack with camping and fishing gear, an HD video camera, his mountain bike, and little else; loaded into a float plane; and set off by himself for a two-day, point-to-point trail ride through the Canadian wilderness. The short video he produced shows off an adventure most of us only dream of: spectacular trail riding across stunning landscapes, dinner caught in an alpine lake and cooked over an open fire, a close (but not too close) encounter with grizzlies in a mountain meadow.

2 Responses to Bikepacking the Wilds of Canada

  1. Thanks for posting this! What a gorgeously-shot video of a wonderful weekend. It’s a nice reminder that you can pack a whole lot of adventure into two days if you’re in the right mindset. (And the right place helps too– I wish the bleak November landscapes Illinois were a wee bit more like the Canadian wilderness…)

  2. Great post! I love that he went out with very minimal gear and enjoyed the beauty of solo bikepacking. This post reminds me that it does not take much time or effort to really get out there and experience true living in nature. Thanks.

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