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Amy Dombroski: Colorado’s Young, Leg-Crushing Cross Diva

Amy at the 2012 Cyclocross World Championships in Koksijde, Belgium. Photo by Mat Howie

Note: This interview was conducted in May 2012. In October 2013, Amy was hit and killed by a truck while on a training ride in Belgium. It was a tragedy that rippled through the American cyclocross community. I’m just glad I was able to capture this glimpse into her life and career. The Amy D Foundation was launched in the wake of her death to support young women racers.

When Amy Drombroski gave up ski racing for a new found love of bike racing in 2006, she didn’t mess around. She won the U23 Cyclocross National Championship her first full year of racing. In 2009, she took the U23 National title in cross country mountain bikes and then, just a week later, took the title on the road as well. Now, Amy’s spending her cyclocross season in Europe, chasing world cup titles and learning to race in their deep, fast, aggressive fields. We talked about the ups and downs of Amy’s short but full cycling career to-date, how she earned the nickname “Cross Diva,” the growth of women’s cyclocross, and more.
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How a Bicycle is Made

… or at least how Raleigh’s were made in England in 1945. This short documentary from the British Council is an amazing period piece. The film’s War-era government propaganda style is entertaining. The footage and explanation of 1940s bike manufacturing is fascinating. I’m especially impressed that the factory is nearly self-sufficient, making all the tubing, lugs, bottom bracket shells, and components needed for bike building. Enjoy.

Noah Budnick: New York’s Tireless Alt-Transportation Advocate, Part 2

Photo by Elly Blue.

Noah Budnick is Deputy Director of Transportation Alternatives, a New York City bicycling, walking, and public transit advocacy group. TransAlt is regarded as one of the leading-edge transportation advocacy groups in the United States and Noah is right in the mix organizing and educating New York residents, pushing for policy and infrastructure reform, and more. Part one of this two-part interview covered Noah’s personal attraction to cycling, views on transportation options, and more. Part two picks up with New York City’s major bike infrastructure overhaul and its impact on ridership, how to increasing biking nationwide, and the anti-bike federal transportation bill.

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