The Death of Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson is a British cycling legend. He was the first Brit to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, first to win the World Championship rode race, and won several Spring Classics and Vuelta a España stages. He died in 1967 on the 13th stage of the Tour de France, while climbing the Mont Ventoux. A potent combination of amphetamines and alcohol in his system allowed him to literally ride himself to death.

In 2010, BBC produced an hour long documentary about Simpson called Death on the Mountain. It not only looks at the fateful 1967 tour, but Simpson’s escape from poverty through cycling, his rise to fame, and the circumstances that lead to his unfortunate death. The program is filled with interviews with Simpson’s teammates and competitors and excellent footage of professional races from that era.

One Response to The Death of Tom Simpson

  1. Thanks Kent for sharing this story of Tom Simpson. I knew of him but not all the details. It was such a shame for Tom to die in the prime of his life. To be so driven that one uses drugs to ride beyond oneself at all cost is a sad situation. Yet, 45 years later, it continues. As the stories are told of past mistakes, may the era of riding clean wash through the peloton returning the beautiful sport to all its glory.
    Ride on my friend. Ty

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