Episode 9 – Stevil Kinevil

Steve Smith, better known as Stevil Kinevil, has been working in the bike industry for over two decades. In that time he’s been everything from a warehouse shipper to bike messenger to pro circuit mechanic to product tester. For the last 10 years of that he’s been chronicling his exploits in bikes, art, music, and drinking … first on Swobo’s How To Avoid The Bummer Life blog and now on his website All Hail The Black Market. Stevil’s experience gives him a long perspective on how the bike industry and bike world is changing for better or worse.

Photo by Forrest Arakawa

2 Responses to Episode 9 – Stevil Kinevil

  1. I have enjoyed the podcasts. Thank you. The most recent one interviewing “Stevil Knevil” lost me in the depths of unexplained associations. The interview idea is great, but maybe you can adjust the commentary process just a bit to help listeners who are not steeped in bicycle industry knowledge. Previous podcasts seemed right on the mark to my level of bike interest and back ground, but this one was too much “inside baseball” with not quite enough clarifying interjections from the interviewer. I needed more help to know who this person is and what he has been doing that makes the interview appealing. I hope this comment can help a bit as a positive feedback. Thank you.

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