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New England’s Frame Builder Family Tree

Angles & Poise, a bike blog focused on the high-end and boutique end of cycling, put together a neat infographic tracing the history of the New England frame building world. The timeline starts back in 1972 with Witcomb and Serotta and goes all the way to present day with companies like Firefly, Tomii, and Chapman. Click the picture above to see the full version. Fingers crossed they give the same treatment to other regions of the country with a high concentration of frame builders!

A Short Film for Friday

Day Labor from Minka on Vimeo.

Brendan O’Neill Kohl’s “Day Labor” is a charming short film that imagines what would happen if everyone started hiring day laborers to do their work for them. It starts with one enterprising (read: lazy) bike messenger, and snowballs from there. And though the film ultimately is not about bikes, Kohl features a bunch of real Seattle messengers, which is more than enough reason to post on this Seattle-based, bike-centric site.

Life on a Bike

THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.

According to Adventure Journal, Guillaume Blanchet spent 382 days in Montreal filming himself living life from the seat of his bike. The result is a fun, playful short film centered on the joy of riding a bicycle. Blanchet made the film in honor of his father, an avid cyclist who’s logged more than 120,000 KMs in his life.

Brian Vernor’s Trans-Andes Challenge

Photographer and Filmmaker (and previous Bicycle Story interviewee) Brian Vernor just released the mini-documentary he made about the Trans-Andes Challenge, a 250-mile stage race across Chile’s Patagonia region. The film was part of the 2011 Bicycle Film Festival, but now that the festival has completed its run of showings across the US, Vernor is releasing his doc in-full online.

Vernor is known for incorporating a surf-film aesthetic into his work and that holds true for this as well in the way he shows the landscapes, the people and places on the region, and the life and culture of the racers between stages.

Trans Andes Challenge, The Film from Team Jamis on Vimeo.


Fat Biking at its Best

Image by Mike Curiak. From

Fat bikes are taking off in a big way. Once predominately the domain of Alaskan adventure racers tackling Iditasport, fat bikes are now being used for everything from mountain biking to bike packing to urban exploration. But at their heart, fat bikes still seem best suited as wilderness adventure machines, ready to tackle terrain long after the roads and trails have ended.

Mike Curiak, Eric Parsons, Dylan Kentch, Doom Fishfinder, and Roman Dial did just that this summer. The crew biked and packrafted along Alaska’s Lost Coast from Yakutat to Glacier Bay.

Curiak put together a beautiful video from the trip that does a great job of capturing the Alaska’s rugged, wilderness coastline. Watch it and enjoy ten minutes of vicarious adventure.