Dogs That Shred

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Mountain biking is awesome. Dogs are awesome. Ergo, mountain biking with dogs must be doubly awesome. That’s certainly the impression given by these two short videos of trail dogs who shred just as hard as their owners.

This first video is an ad for Sony’s new camera, but Poppy the dog makes up for the fact that nearly everything on the Internet is an ad for something.

This video of Lily the jack russell terrier was an instant classic when it came out a few years ago. I love the shots of her airing over jumps.

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  1. I love dogs and I would run with my minpin when she was younger, but she was never able to handle long distances. In fact, my impression of dogs overall is that they are not capable of long-distance running, certainly at the speeds shown in these videos. I’m sure some breeds are much more suited to running than others. I would guess hounds could run much longer than terriers, for example. What’s the distance you could expect a good running breed to keep up with a human on foot? On a mountain bike?

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