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Rick Smith & Brian Griggs: The men behind Yehuda Moon

The very first Yehuda strip (and one of my favorites)

If you’re into bikes and the Internet (as one would assume you are as a reader of this bike blog), you’re probably more than a little familiar with the webcomic Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery. The comic, started in 2008 by Rick Smith, centers on bike shop co-owners Joe King and Yehuda Moon along with a wide cast of bike-world characters. Through the character’s daily lives, the strip explores subjects like bike politics, the follies of bike commuting, the ups and downs of shop life, racing, and the many archetypal bike people we’ve all encountered as cyclists. I spoke to Rick Smith and Brian Griggs (who joined the comic in 2010 to help write) about their backgrounds as bike people and artists, the inspirations for the characters and stories, their bike politics, and more.

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Brian Vernor’s Trans Andes Adventure

Note from Josh: Sorry for the radio silence around here. I started a new job last week, so that’s taken precedence over The Bicycle Story for the time being. Things should be back to their semi-regular normalcy here soon.

I’m a big fan of Brian Vernor’s work. He’s produced some of cyclocross’ mainstay documentaries. He’s also a great photographer that not only makes wonderful images of cycling, but the people, fans, atmosphere, and culture that surround the sport as well. To be frank, it’s hard not to be a little jealous of the life Vernor has crafted for himself (at least the public image of that life he shares on his blog and through his work). He travels all over the world to shoot photos, make films, and ride bikes. It’s pretty rad.

Like much of his work, the latest film follows that “travel, shoot, bikes” formula. Vernor joined the Jamis mountain bike team down in Chile for the Trans Andes Challenge, a 580-km mountain bike stage race across the Andes. Check out the trailer below: