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Barry Wicks: Cyclocross, Mountain Bikes, and the Adventures They’ve Brought, Part 2

Barry at Starcrossed 2010. Photo via flickr user MFGcyclocross.

Barry Wicks is a professional mountain biker, cyclocross racer, and, as of last year, Kona’s race team manager. He cut his teeth racing in Oregon as a junior and rose to the highest levels of World Cup cross and mountain bike racing. His palmarés prove he’s a serious racer, but he remains laid back and affable through it all–a fact that’s made him one of the fan favorites in racing. I spoke to Barry while he took a break from his team manager duties, supporting his riders at Crankworx in Whistler, British Columbia. Part one of this two-part interview covered Barry’s introduction to racing as a junior, growth to his professional career, endurance mountain biking, and more. Part two picks up with Barry’s experiences racing in Mongolia, Europe, and Japan; the United State’s first cyclocross World Championship; the future of U.S. cross; and his own plans for the remainder of his racing career.

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Shredding Like It’s 1995

Eddie Roman’s 1995 mountain bike and BMX video Hammertime is an amazing period piece. Punk rock and metal soundtrack, Hi8 video, choppy transitions between short clips of trick after trick; all staples of the skateboard and BMX videos of the era. Hammertime features big name riders like Brian Lopes, Hans Rey, Fuzzy Hall, and Mat Hoffman jumping dirt jumps, riding their mountain bikes like BMX bikes on the street, and shredding single track.