Presidents on Bicycles

It’s Presidents day today so it only seems appropriate to post up some photos of U.S. Presidents riding bikes.

Barack Obama is not exactly the picture of coolness or style when it comes to riding bikes.

Given his love of ranch work and pretending to be a cowboy, it’s no surprise George W. Bush is into mountain biking.

Bill Clinton getting rad riding indoors.

It’s tough to see the headbadge, but it seems safe to guess that George H.W. and Barbara Bush rode Flying Pigeons on that trip to China.

Jimmy Carter was a utilitarian president. It makes sense that he chooses a utilitarian bike like a Rivendell.

A young (Hollywood-era?) Ronald Reagan.

One can only assume Richard Nixon stole the bike he’s riding.

This may or may not be the real Abe Lincoln. No way to tell for sure …


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