Episode 11 – Amanda Batty

Amanda Batty is a professional mountain bike racer and sometimes freelance writer. A little over a year ago she was embroiled in controversy after calling out a colleague for using a date rape metaphor in his review of a new bike. The fall out was swift and ugly and put Amanda on the receiving end of harassment and death threats. We spoke about her racing life, attempt to break into the highest levels of downhill racing, and the pervasive problem of rape culture and misogyny in the bike industry and culture at large.

The Bicycle Story theme music is by Will McKindley-Ward.


4 Responses to Episode 11 – Amanda Batty

  1. Peter Jacob Hehn

    Awesome interview! Awesome girl!

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  3. The best episode yet. Thank you both Josh and Amanda for an evocative well developed story, as if listening to a friend with a hard to tell but important message.

  4. If Pinkbike wants to be a leader in the bike industry, they should beg Amanda to come back! Truth is good for all of us. Amanda speaks the truth.

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