The Making of a Soulcraft

I don’t like the idea of aggregating content on The Bicycle Story. The world doesn’t need yet another bike blog posting the same videos, links, and press releases as three dozen other blogs. But, I saw this short video on Go Means Go of Soulcraft Bikes owner Sean Walling building a frame and I think it slides right into place among the interviews. The very-well produced video follows the Sean’s process from cutting the tubes to powder coating the finished process and it is, without a doubt, a bicycle story.

2 Responses to The Making of a Soulcraft

  1. Wow … that was cool showing how you make that frame.

  2. Spectacular .My grandfather being a blacksmith was the first man in bangalore to braize and rethread the bicycles as he was working for Indian railways he had better exposure to the technology of 20th century .Since his passing away no other member of my family has explored the craft .i would like to revive his legacy and want to become a cycle designer watching soulcraft appropriate to its name is splendidly beautiful and the man’s accuracy is simply brilliant .the marriage of technology and craft is made it a must watch for any cycle enthusiast.I am wishing soulcraft all the very best in its endeavors and thank you for such a brilliant post.
    God Bless and have a great Day.


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