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Colin Reuter: The Cyclocross Obsession Behind Crossresults.com

Colin on the run-up at Gloucester. Picture from Colin’s blog, where it was no doubt stolen from someone else.

Colin Reuter loves cyclocross. At a glance, it’s the all-consuming type of relationship that might inspire questions from concerned friends and family. Not only did he create crossresults.com, which has grown to be a central site in American cyclocross. And not only did he spend four years running the site for free in the evenings after his real job (crossresults now is his real job). He also promotes two races in New England every year, runs a cyclocross team, and races elite cross every fall. As you’d probably guess, we talked about cyclocross. More specifically, Colin’s introduction to the sport, the birth and evolution of crossresults, New England’s propensity for producing really-fast pros, and more.

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