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The Original Cycle Messenger World Championships

This awesome little video shows the 1993 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Berlin, Germany. It was first ever CMWC. As an ignorant, monolingual American, I hardly understand a word of the video, but the footage is pretty amazing.


Craig Etheridge: A World Champ Talks Messengers and SS Cyclocross

Craig in his basement bikeshop, Tommy’s.

Seattle bike messenger Craig Etheridge may very well be the nicest guy to ever sit atop a bicycle. He’ll also tear your legs off in a race while simultaneously encouraging you to ride harder and laughing with heckling spectators. Craig is the reigning Cycle Messenger World Champion, made a run at the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship podium, and routinely tears it up at local cyclocross and mountain bike races. I sat down with Craig in his basement bike shop (inexplicably named Tommy’s bike shop) to talk about the world championships, career messengering, and the growth of single speed cyclocross.

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