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Framebuilding Porn

I love finding new blogs, especially when they’re already well established and I can spend hours sifting through the archives. This morning I came across Yoshi Nishikawa’s Builder’s Life and spent more time browsing than I’m sure my bosses would care to know. Yoshi left his job as a frame builder at Japan’s Level bikes several years ago and started work as a Ti and steel welder for Seven Cycles in Boston.

Yoshi’s blog mostly centers around the work he does at Seven. The picture-heavy posts feature a lot of detail shots of his amazingly clean welds as well as other interesting shots from around the factory, of complete bikes, and occasionally from his personal life.

His writing is sparse. Each post contains just a few sentences (in both English and Japanese); enough essential details to give the reader an idea of what they’re looking at. But, the pictures alone provide a fascinating glimpse into the life and work of a high-end bike builder.