Some Inspiration For Your Weekend Adventures

It’s Friday. It’s summertime. It’s time to plan some awesome bike adventures. These three videos showcase incredible trips that kickstart wanderlust and make me want to get out and explore.

The Road from Karakol is about professional alpine climber Kyle Dempster’s solo biking and climbing tour through Kyrgyzstan. He spent two months biking (and sometimes dragging, pushing or carrying his bike) 1200km on remote roads to climb Kyrgyzstan’s massive peaks. There were times when he didn’t see another human for a week straight.

Video two is more or less an advertisement for Specialized, but it’s also a well-produced video about Matt Hunter’s multi-day bikepacking trip around Mont Blanc Massif. The 107 mile ride climbs well over 33,000 feet and cuts through France, Italy, and Switzerland on fantastic looking trails.

Finally, The Escape. One of mountain biking’s major shortcomings (at least where I live) is its major car dependence. While there are a few options for getting to singletrack without driving, most mountain bike rides start with a car ride. Dave Roth and Seb Kemp put that notion to shame. They rode their mountain bikes pulling trailers all around western British Columbia riding amazing singletrack.

the escape from Union Production Co. on Vimeo.

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  1. Great story, great guy! Was watching Kyle’s film at the EOFT in Munich! So impressive! Planing a similar thing through Eastern Europe this year! Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

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