Happy Birthday to Me

Thank you Internet for having a picture of everything anyone could ever imagine.

Today is The Bicycle Story’s first birthday. Technically the site went live in late October 2010, but it was a year ago today that the site really launched with its very first interview, “Stevil Kinevil: Bikes, Booze, and the Art of Heckling”.

Since then, it has chugged along, sometimes with very consistent content and others, not so much at all. But hey, it’s impressive a one year old can write anything at all, let alone do so without ever pooping its pants, right?

The Bicycle Story is still very much a side project for me and will still take a back seat to the full-time job when it needs to. That said, I will still be bringing you interviews with cycling’s most interesting adventurers, advocates, industry folks, racers, dirt bags, and more. I also have some ideas for some good projects that could branch The Bicycle Story off in some relevant, but new and exciting directions. Hopefully those make the transition from ideas-I-had-while-laying-in-bed-unable-to-sleep to fruition before too long.

Cheers to all the readers, commenters, interviewees, and friends that helped make The Bicycle Story’s first year on earth so great. Here’s to many more!

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