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The Bicycle Story Needs Your Support!

For just over five years now, The Bicycle Story has brought you interviews with cycling’s most interesting advocates, adventurers, racers, industry insiders, and oddballs from all corners of the bike world. And though The Bicycle Story is now producing podcasts instead of written interviews, the heart of the project remains people. They’ve always been the driving force and centerpiece of this site and they always will be. Likewise, The Bicycle Story’s content has always been free to read and that’s not about to change.

But, The Bicycle Story’s evolution to podcasting needs your support. Audio has the potential to open the door to new and exciting stories and reach even more people, but podcasting takes a tremendous amount of work. Each episode requires research, reporting, editing, production, and promotion and it simply isn’t feasible without the support of listeners like you!

That’s where Patreon comes in. Patreon is built on the idea that lots of people giving a little bit can do amazing things. Though similar to Kickstarter, Patreon supporters pledge a recurring monthly payment. It can be as little as a dollar and as much as you want! In exchange, you can get access to great rewards such as a members-only, behind-the-scenes newsletter and story round-up, and swag. If you are connected with a company interested in direct sponsorship of episodes, give me a shout at info@thebicyclestory.com.

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Holy Cow, The Bicycle Story is Four Years Old


This past Saturday, The Bicycle Story hit it’s four year anniversary. The project launched on November 1, 2010 with the Stevil Kinevil interview. I didn’t have much plan for the site when it kicked off. I just knew the best part about cycling is the interesting people involved and I was pretty sure there were readers out there who agreed. It turns out I was right on both counts. The project has continued to grow beyond my expectations (I never would’ve guessed I’d some day be chatting about the intersection of cycling and women’s rights in Afghanistan). And the audience–you great people–has grown right along with it.

Over the years, The Bicycle Story has become a platform for elevating unique voices and insider insight. The interviews have delved into critical social justice and equity issues with people such as Adonia Lugo and Ed Ewing. They’ve served as an oral history of cycling culture with Jacquie Phelan and Steve Garro. They’ve gone deep into the lives of cycling’s best athletes such as Jeremy Powers, Mo Bruno Roy, Barry Wicks, Ted King, and Elle Anderson. They’ve looked at the important work of advocates such as Aaron Naparstek, Nelle Pierson, and Noah Budnick. Many great adventurers have shared their epics including Nicholas Carman, Mike Curiak, and Jill Homer. Artists such as Brian Vernor and Emily Maye have shed light on their process and creative eye to the world. And the list goes on and on.

So thank you for reading and sharing and appreciating and supporting this work. It means a lot and provides the motivation necessary to keep the project rolling. If you want to lend some financial support and look great doing it, buy one of The Bicycle’s Story’s brand new t shirts. In the meantime, I’ll still be seeking out and chatting up the best, most fascinating, raddest people the cycling world has to offer.

The Bicycle Story Has T Shirts!

Bicycle Story web shop

I am super excited to debut The Bicycle Story’s first tee. Show your support for The Bicycle Story and look good doing it with this typewriter logo shirt. These high quality and super soft American Apparel short sleeve tees were screen printed in Seattle by a great mom and pop shop. They’re available in slate gray, XS through XL. Click here to head to the shop.

P.S. This seems like a good time to remind you that The Bicycle Story typewriter logo was designed by the fantastic Robert Higdon of Bunnyhawk fame.

Happy Birthday to Me

Thank you Internet for having a picture of everything anyone could ever imagine.

Today is The Bicycle Story’s first birthday. Technically the site went live in late October 2010, but it was a year ago today that the site really launched with its very first interview, “Stevil Kinevil: Bikes, Booze, and the Art of Heckling”.

Since then, it has chugged along, sometimes with very consistent content and others, not so much at all. But hey, it’s impressive a one year old can write anything at all, let alone do so without ever pooping its pants, right?

The Bicycle Story is still very much a side project for me and will still take a back seat to the full-time job when it needs to. That said, I will still be bringing you interviews with cycling’s most interesting adventurers, advocates, industry folks, racers, dirt bags, and more. I also have some ideas for some good projects that could branch The Bicycle Story off in some relevant, but new and exciting directions. Hopefully those make the transition from ideas-I-had-while-laying-in-bed-unable-to-sleep to fruition before too long.

Cheers to all the readers, commenters, interviewees, and friends that helped make The Bicycle Story’s first year on earth so great. Here’s to many more!

Stevil Kinevil: Bikes, Booze, and the Art of Heckling

Photo by Forrest Arakawa. All images courtesy of Stevil Kinevil.

I’m excited to kick off The Bicycle Story with All Hail The Black Market’s Stevil Kinevil, an industry insider, racer, professional artist, wild man, and, in his own way, outspoken advocate. I first came across Stevil when he was working at Swobo and writing How To Avoid The Bummer Life, a regular journal dedicated to bikes, beer, mustachioed men, art, music, and everything in between. Stevil went rogue a little over a year ago and started his own venture with All Hail The Black Market. AHTBM continues the Bummer Life tradition documenting cycling culture at large, Budweiser, bacon, fine art, and most importantly the riding and racing exploits of Stevil and his friends.

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