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Episode 6 – Can’t Ride It If They Stole It

Bike theft is a growing issue in big bike cities. In Seattle, three times as many bikes were stolen last year than in 2008. In this episode of The Bicycle Story, we explore the problem, the police’s often lackluster response, how advocates are working to fight theft, and the sometimes crazy and dangerous lengths people go to get their bikes back. Thanks to Max Wigley, Brock Howell of Bicycle Security Advocates and Tom Fucoloro of Seattle Bike Blog for their sharing their insight.

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Brook Negussie: Cycling’s Lessons For Success

Brook Negussie on the University of Washington campus. Photos courtesy Brook Negussie.

This year’s national Youth Bike Summit kicked off with short, TED Talk-esq presentations by advocates, industry execs, a former Olympic track racer and others. After the polished professional speakers had given their spiels, a young man named Brook Negussie stepped up to the podium to share his own powerful story. A 19-year old freshman at University of Washington, Negussie has immigrated to SeaTac, Washington from Ethiopia when he was 9. When he was in high school he got involved with the Major Taylor Project, a program run by Cascade Bicycle Club that brings bike clubs to under-served schools in the Seattle area. The kids in Major Taylor learn bike repair skills, go on after school rides, participate in bigger ride events and races, and more. [Read The Bicycle Story’s interview with Major Taylor Project founder Ed Ewing.]

Speaking to the crowd of youth and adult advocates at the Summit, Negussie credited the Major Taylor Project for giving him the skills and motivation necessary to tackle any challenge. I sat down with Negussie at a coffee shop near the UW campus to learn more about his experience immigrating to the U.S., the role bikes have played in his life, Major Taylor’s impact and more.

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Seattle Bike Expo 2011

The Cascade Bicycle Club’s Seattle Bike Expo is the largest consumer bike expo in the United States. Which is to say, it’s the largest expo open to the general public (versus giant industry events like Interbike, which are not). Each year, the Seattle Expo features a classic bike show, presentations and speakers, and exhibitors showing off everything from carbon super bikes to cargo commuters to magazines, accessories, and clothing. I took a stroll around day one of this year’s expo to check out the vintage bikes, listen to the Bike Snob’s self-deprecating humor, and look at some shiny bikes and components. Lucky for you, I had my camera with me. Unfortunately, I’m a mediocre photographer and my old point-and-shoot doesn’t do great in the dim halogen-glow of the convention center, so we’ll just call these snapshots of the expo.

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